Claims Management

Effective claims handling is extremely important to a client’s future. A client’s reputation and loss history report are key elements in their current and future buying process. As such, we serve as an advocate for our clients with the insurance companies to assure that claims are handled and resolved with the client’s concerns and interests in mind. The first step in effective claims management is Response. At the beginning of each policy period, we will work with our insureds and the respective insurance carriers to develop the most effective claims reporting process. From there, we will provide oversight and claim monitoring on our client’s behalf. We work with the insurance company to make sure that our client has effective legal representation and open communication through claim settlement.

Risk Management and Loss Control

Bridgepoint Insurance Group realizes that negotiating the best insurance terms on your behalf is only part of the role we play as your insurance professional. Another important role is helping our clients to reduce risk. Even before becoming a client of Bridgepoint, we will be asking questions so that we can identify your exposures, consider ways to minimize risk and wrap insurance solutions around an overall plan.

Industry Content and Knowledge

We bring specialized knowledge and a wealth of resources to do a detailed and comprehensive review of your insurance needs.  We combine that with our insurance marketplace expertise to make sure we bring you the right and cost effective solutions you need and deserve.  Additionally, we work with clients to develop industry specific content for safety and training